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Woman sitting with black neoprene bag

maintenance tips

pampering your products

Crafted to endure all of life's adventures, your H Bag is built to withstand the elements, whether it's rainy days, accidental spills, or sunny beach outings. Here are a few tips to ensure your bag remains a trusted companion for years to come.

Mum pushing pram holding taupe neoprene baby bag over her shoulder

precision crafted

Neoprene Chic

With high tensile strength and exceptional resistance to chemicals, water, and heat, neoprene is the perfect accompaniment for your everyday. Its weather-resistant nature ensures longevity, while its sleek appearance adds style to substance. Effortlessly transition through your day with the lightweight fabrication of our H Bag by your side.

Woman standing next to black neoprene mum bag

Aquatic Armor

water resistant

Crafted with a water-resistant coated nylon lining and fortified with a neoprene exterior, our H Bag redefines durability in the face of moisture. Whether you're navigating city streets in a downpour or embarking on a coastal adventure, our H Bag ensures your essentials remain dry and secure.

Mother standing next to pram unzipping black neoprene baby bag

clean slate


For those inevitable little accidents, our H Bag is designed to withstand some of life's messy moments. The secret? Every inch of our fabric is engineered to be wiped clean with a WaterWipe. While our neoprene is resilient, it's not impervious. If you've chosen a lighter hue, take care to prevent stubborn stains. Regular spot cleaning will help maintain your H Bag's durability, ensuring your favorite accessory lasts.

Woman holding black neoprene tote bag



Crafted to complement your fast-paced lifestyle, our H Bag is designed to be packed to the brim! Neoprene likes to be kept flat so you may notice some small wrinkles obtained in shipping when your bag first arrives. For optimal results in reducing postage wrinkles, we recommend filling the bag and leaving it in a warm room. Over time, wrinkles in the neoprene fabric may naturally lessen with consistent use, offering a refined and polished appearance.

Fine fabrications

We meticulously source premium neoprene, nylon and 100% cotton webbing, always striving for quality and durability. Each fabric is custom dyed specifically for Heych, ensuring that your H Bag not only looks sleek but is also unique.